Tahitian Pearl Lifetime Warranty

Tahiti Pearl Market is proud to offer a lifetime warranty for each Tahitian pearl sold in our stores. Please be advised that it only concerns the Tahitian pearl and not the setting.

- If your Tahitian pearl remains in its entire shape and gets discolored overtime (white stain on a portion of the pearl), we will replace your pearl.

- If your Tahitian pearl remains in its entire shape and changes in color, we will replace your pearl.

- If your Tahitian pearl cracks for no obvious reason, we will replace your pearl.

However, some restrictions apply:

- If your Tahitian pearl is discolored as a result of usage, we will not replace your pearl. This means that overtime, the pearl will change in shape and will become flatter on the side that touches the skin. This is the consequence of the acidity of your body's perspiration that gradually erodes the pearl. Hence the recommendation to wipe your pearls after each time you wear them because the perfume and other cosmetic products could affect the pearl as well. If you wear your pearl everyday, you will have to clean it daily to prevent this erosion of your pearl. You could use our Pearl Care Kit for maintaining your pearls.

- If your pearl is cracked due to an obvious mistreating of the jewelry (an expert will be able to determine the reason of the crack), we will not replace your pearl.

- If you purchased a loose pearl and have it mounted by another jeweler and the pearl cracks as the result of an inexperienced jeweler drilling it.

- If your jewelry is handled by a jeweler other than a jeweler from our company and damages occur on the pearl, we will not replace the pearl.

Please note that each case will go through a team of experts for evaluation before we validate the replacement of your Tahitian pearl.

If you have any concerns, please contact us at contact@tahitipearlmarket.com, we will do our best to advise you.

Please visit our Pearl Care section on our website to get more information on how to preserve the beauty of your pearl.

 We thank you for your understanding and we are doing our best to provide you with the best quality service we can. Mauruuru roa!