• La Perfection by Tahiti Pearl Market

    Find the perfect pearl to match your style!

  • L'Harmonie by Tahiti Pearl Market

    The harmony of colors found in Tahitian pearl strands!

  • L'Idéal by Tahiti Pearl Market

    The Ideal Serenity of Tahitian pearls!

  • A Story of True Passion!

    Find out how it all started!

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 Inspired by the Polynesian culture, Taaroa offers a unique range of jewelry for both men and women. A selection of necklaces, bracelets, cuff-links and tie-clips in stainless steel featuring Tahitian pearls.

Toi & Moi

A best-seller in our stores! Toi & Moi, a great representation of one's love, the unity of a couple. This collection features two Tahitian pearls on a necklace, a bracelet or a ring.


When art and writing instruments are one. Illumination offers unique pieces made of Tahitian mother of pearl - designed, cut, polished and engraved to perfection by hand following Polynesian art and craftsmanship.

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