About Us

The Tahitian pearl, born of the pristine lagoons of French Polynesia, is the pride of the Tahitian islanders, but above all a symbol of natural beauty and timeless elegance. For Franck Tehaamatai, the owner of Tahiti Pearl Market, it all started In 1994, while he went on a trip to the Tuamotu atolls to research about the possibilities of shrimp farming in these ring shaped islands. It was during his stay at his friend's pearl farm that he found out about this gem and fell in love with the Tahitian pearl. So fascinated by this gem and its farming process, he started his first farm on the atoll of Takaroa. Since then, Mr Franck Tehaamatai has established 7 pearls farms on different atolls such as Fakarava - a Unesco Biosphere Reserve - and has grown to be one of the leaders in the Tahitian pearl industry over the past two decades. This is marking the 22 years of his endeavor and his passion is still growing stronger for this fascinating and mysterious gem.

Now, Franck has at his side his children who share with him his passion and partake in his endeavor to expand the company and take on the mission to promote this unique gem to the rest of the world. A passion shared for two generations now!