A Story of Passion and Love!

It's only when you get to meet with Franck Tehaamatai, the owner of Tahiti Pearl Market, that you understand his true value for beauty. Growing up as the second child of four boys, he was at a young age in admiration for the beauty of his mother - a beautiful Tahitian woman with amazing hair and a true symbol of feminine beauty. She was a hard working woman helping his father with his business. His mother had a great influence in his upbringing.


He became a young entrepreneur at the age of 23 while starting his import business selling bicycles, tires and then becoming a car dealer representing brands like Volvo and Kia. It was in 1994 that he started in the pearl farming business and not too long after was struck by a bad news when his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Knowing for a long time that his mother loved Tahitian pearls and always wanted to own one; as a pearl farmer it was a huge satisfaction and feeling of warmth, the day he gave his mother a Tahitian pearl strand that he harvested in his own farms. While seeing the feeling of contentment, pride and love on his mother's face, from that moment, Franck knew that this is the emotions that every woman deserves to have. From this moment onward, he embarked on a personal mission that "Every Woman Deserves Tahitian Pearls".