Our philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: we want to share with you our love for this natural gem – the Tahitian Cultured Pearl. About three hundred collaborators participate in the production of this genuine gift of nature.

Being a pearl producer was one thing but the owners of this company wanted to go further with Tahiti Pearl Market which was created in Papeete on December 2003 and in Bora Bora on July 2005. Tahiti Pearl Market is more than a jewellery store, it has an innovative concept that is called “perleries”; which offers a choice of about 200,000 loose pearls, Tahiti Pearl Market is the innovator of a truly unique concept the world over.

Tahiti Pearl Market proposes a large range of settings and finished jewellery; in the same time, prices are satisfying for every budget. As for loose pearls, the ranges available are from the most simple to the most marvellous! This tremendous diversity of choice and of price allows us to satisfy the expectancies of all customers.

We offer you the possibility to personalize your jewellery: each store has its own workshop; this allows our clients to choose their unset pearls and to create the jewellery which corresponds to their desire with the settings of their choice. This unique piece is created and finished in the atelier in front of the client/creator! 

A team of thirty-seven skilled and attentive salespeople are available at anytime to offer their knowledge on the product. With knowledge and a truthful love for pearls, these advisers are able to share their passion in French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Portuguese.

Our unique concept of creating jewellery from Tahitian Cultured Pearls was a stepping stone for the growth of our company; however we went further by also introducing collections designed by our “bureau de style”. Everyday, the commercial success of this concept is an objective and confirmed reality; which allows us to announce the opening of a third Tahiti Pearl Market boutique on 2007 at Vaitape Bora Bora.

We make it a long-term commitment to bring you the best in what we do.